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Archith Seshadri – CEO/Founder of The Arch Way

where stories inspire change”


Archith Seshadri founded the ARCH way in 2020 – where stories inspire change!


The Arch Way is an event production and talent coaching company – a place where we bring your story to life! We host your events, plan your show flow, create content and coach your clients! Whether you have a gala dinner, charity fundraiser, corporate event or want media/communications coaching, The Arch Way is your one stop shop.  TV journalist, host, actor and lifestyle blogger, Archith Seshadri (Arch) brings decades worth of on camera experience to create, connect and communicate your story!



After spending 6+ years as a consultant at Accenture, Archith traded his engineering hat for his journalism hat. Over the last decade, he has reported and anchored on stories impacting the community in Macon, Augusta, Charlotte, Atlanta and New Delhi. Outside of news, Archith loves yoga, improv and acting. But one of his biggest passions is to help other people share their stories and discover their purpose! So before you read any further, write down these 3 things:-

  • What are your 3 strengths? (ask your friends, coworkers, bosses and relatives what you are good at)
  • What are your 3 brand words? (3 descriptive words that describe who you are)
  • What are 3 things you are grateful for? (be as specific)
  • What are your 3 daily affirmations for today? (I am … / … / …)
  • What is your favorite inspirational quote? (this will set your intention for the day or week)

Book Archith to host your next event or to help you with communications coaching! 


How an engineer turned journalist can help you rebrand, reconnect and rewrite your story!”


Archith Seshadri covering the Atlanta Braves’ historic World Series win at Truist Park (November 2021)


The Arch Way helps you share your story – in more ways than one! It helps you curate content, cultivate your brand, and channel your voice! From brand strategy, to marketing, to networking, it all comes down to the simple art of storytelling. Who better to help you share your story than a global journalist who’s traveled the world, interviewed thousands of people and clocked more than 5000 hours in newsrooms across the world?

The Arch Way shares positive stories, inspiring articles and creative content. At the core of it all, it’s authentic storytelling. When you align your brand with a purpose, you create a special story. The Arch Way will help you rebrand, reconnect and rewrite your story!

So let’s get started — whether you are looking to get your story in the news, start a new podcast, or become a better public speaker, come join us on The Arch Way! We have a resource bank of checklists and inspirational interviews so that you can live with intent and purpose and craft your beautiful story!

Book your complimentary DISCOVERY session so that we can find the best way to turn your dreams into a reality!

  • Create a strategy plan for your vision (goal setting / writing)
  • Coach you to share your story (public speaking)
  • Connect you to the right resources (media pitching)
  • Host your next event (MC events)


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[THE ARCH WAY] A collection of positive quotes, inspirational stories and resource checklists! Your one stop shop for a daily dose of motivation to help you rebrand yourself, reconnect with purpose and rewrite your story!
  • #archTIPS – motivational and inspirational quotes and life tips!
  • #archEATS – food blog, restaurant reviews and healthy recipes on Instagram/Facebook
  • #archSTORIES – news reports, inspirational stories on Facebook/YouTube
  • #archTALKS– inspirational, impactful and influential conversations on Instagram/YouTube
  • #archTRAVELS – travel blog, best places to eat (restaurants), drink (coffee, rooftop bars), sights
I love quotes (#archTIPS), food (#archEATS), news (#archSTORIES), interviews (#archTALKS), travel (#archTRAVELS), checklists (#archLISTS) and life tips (#archPICKS)! They all fall under the umbrella of inspirational content (#thearchway).


  • Always ask yourself these 3 questions: can I do this better, faster or cheaper?
  • Identify your 3 brand words: Mine are energy, positivity, passion
  • Create your 4 bubble goals: storyteller (journalism, acting, improv) | health (yoga, cook, read), content creator (The Arch Way, songwriter, author) | financial (news, host, teach)
  • Discover your “why” in one sentence (i.e. your purpose): I want to empower, educate and entertain people daily through the art of storytelling to bring smiles and success!
  • Create a routine of gratitude and affirmations: what are you thankful for now?

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