Your [reels] are very well put together and engaging. You come across as intelligent, charming and energetic. Looks perfect. — Danny Deraney (Celebrity PR Expert)

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One look at Archith’s career path confirms the adage that brilliance floats to the top! Archith could have had a great career as an engineer, but he puts those smarts to work to assure the quality of news and the information we receive to cut through the obfuscation clouding our lives in these times. As an anchor and reporter, he never misses a beat; he is always on top of the news he is covering. When you meet him, you’ll be impressed with how easy he is to work with, how unassumingly he pursues his work with the humility that is absolutely necessary to let the facts speak and not powers seeking to distort them. — Ben Brumfield (CNN, Atlanta)


Archith was an amazing journalist during his time at CNN. His passion for news was evident, and Archith would always put in the time and effort it took to get great stories. He was always a team player and always had the biggest smile, even during breaking news, stressful situations, and when things got a bit overwhelming. I have known Archith for more than three years. During that time, he’s grown from a “fresh out of local news” reporter to an international correspondent. Time and again, he has proven himself an intelligent journalist and trusted colleague. During his time at CNN, Archith proved himself through hard work, long hours, and most especially by building relationships with those around him. Never intimidated, he built trust with colleagues around him and soaked up the wisdom they had to share. Arch would be a great addition to any news team. — Marilia Brocchetto (CNN, Atlanta)


How is it possible for this man to always be full of energy or see the positive in any situation? Amazing…and it always gave the rest of us so much strength and encouragement in a chaotic newsroom. I’m so thrilled I got this opportunity to meet, work, and learn from Archith at WION. Hardworking, helpful, can-do attitude, problem solver, a go-getter and unique storyteller— he set a great example at work and took so much initiative to mentor and guide freshers. He even helped establish processes to better the workflow. During the 2016 US elections, we did a week-long show from New York and I know I wouldn’t have survived that without Archith! This is a man who made work fun and helped me keep life in perspective. — Anna Verghese (WION/Zee News, New Delhi)


Archith was one of my first hires as we were building a unique new news department. He was one of the leaders in a newsroom filled with MMJs shooting, editing, and going live using IP based mobile journalism tools. He brought great story ideas to the table and was a solid storyteller. He also was always willing to help his colleagues improve. A great newsroom citizen. — Geoff Roth (FOX, Charlotte)


Archith Seshadri is a hardworking journalist with a thirst for breaking news and stories that impact international communities on a local level. Not only was he able to shoot, edit and set up his own live shots, he made sure he built a strong relationship with all the key contacts within our viewing area. His energy, hustle and motivation easily stands out and I am lucky to have worked in the same newsroom with him. Archith will be a valuable asset to all future opportunities that may come his way. — Neima Abdulahi (NBC, Atlanta)


Archith is an extremely hard and dedicated reporter. He doesn’t take “no” for an answer, and if he is skeptical about something, he will make sure to find out the truth. He is a great journalist who understands that his job is to help better the community in which he lives. — Barclay Bishop (ABC, Augusta)


I worked with Archith while he anchored and reported for Media General in Augusta, Ga. He is an outstanding anchor and a thorough reporter. He collects all of the facts and presents both sides of the issue. He is great with follow up and had an excellent rapport with our entire staff. He has a great attitude and can handle a number of assignments and deadlines. He is a joy to work with. — Christine Engel (Augusta University, Augusta)


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“Your presence on camera is great. You are energetic, smooth and clear. Your packages make good use of natural sound All in all you show great promise.”


“It’s a great tape. You are very good at this stuff. ”


“I had a quick look at it’s clear you’re very comfortable on camera, with strong live delivery and voice delivery.”


“You are a natural for on-camera work.  Given the same story, ten experienced reporters will create ten different pieces and none will be “correct.” Style is a personal thing. There is a trick to discovering style and being self-aware of strengths and story-telling approaches to avoid. But nice work here – an impressive reel.”


“Really enjoyed watching your reel. Very good, smooth delivery & good selection of stand ups.”


“I think your work is wonderful! You have great on-camera presence.  You show great sense of urgency.  And you have great delivery.”


“You have very good energy throughout and show good versatility.  Your voice has the right tone.  I love the fact that you included multiple live shots.  And apparently your former bosses trusted you to anchor shows as well.  That speaks very good of yourself. Very good demo reel overall. “


“They’re strong. You cover your stories with accuracy and (necessary in the constraint that is TV journalism) efficiency.”


“You seem to have a good connection with the camera. Very comfortable and good energy.”


“You have a good presence, are relaxed, expressive. Definitely all the right elements.”


“It’s good, strong work.  You come off knowledgeable and interested in the stories and have good energy.”


“Enjoyed watching!   Very nice reel.  You have a solid natural delivery and come across as a guy who knows what he is talking about.  Hard to pick on anything.”


“You have a nice body of work. I definitely appreciate your storytelling – nice use of sound and great use of characters.   I was particularly struck by the Second Helping piece.   I found the main woman (who did time for conspiracy) quite compelling.  And the 911 tapes in the break-in story where the 14 year old grandson shot and killed the burglar was really strong.  Nice job.”


“Your on air work is very solid. I like the movement and purpose in your standup and your energy is excellent as well.”


“It’s really good! You’ve got great presence on air and there’s a good variety. Just watching the liveshot: really great stuff. The way you explained what Ebola is was great – very conversational.  All in all great work! 


“I really like your work. Your personality cuts through and you really sell the sauce.”


“You have a calm, direct delivery from the anchor chair. I liked the piece on the restaurant staffed by ex-cons.”