[the ARCH way]: The Art of Branding

[the ARCH way]: The Art of Branding

Every person or product is a brand. You are your brand! The way you dress, the way you speak, the things you post about, the things you enjoy talking about are all elements of your brand.

Recently, I listened to a podcast and joined a Clubhouse room on “Building Your Brand!” The best way to build your brand is to break it down and have a specific focus. Your brand is also how others perceive you as and your areas of expertise. If you don’t have a few focus areas, start now! Your brand should be authentic and reflect who you are. My brand includes news/journalism, food, yoga, improv and inspirational posts. My social media content and website is a reflection of those brands.

PRO TIP: Write down what you want your brand to be and and who you want to serve – Brand Exercise 

My brand is ______ (what) and will help ______ (who) by ______ (goal).

i.e. If you were creating a podcast, be clear on your brand:

My show is about ______ (topics); on it you will hear ______ (what happens each episode) and you should listen if you are ______ (target audience).



  • What is YOUR brand (name, logo, colors, style)? 
  • Why is it relevant now (and what is the brand for)?
  • Answer the 5 W’s and H (who, what, when, where, why, how)
  • Are you offering a product? a service? a combination?
  • What is your elevator pitch – your unique story?
  • Who is your audience (age, gender, demographic, location, ideal customer)?
  • Have you clearly differentiated your brand from your competitors? Who are they?
  • What are your SWOT (strengths/weakness/opportunities/threats) for your brand?
  • Is your brand high end? low end? exclusive? fancy? regional? customized?
  • How can people learn more about you and your brand (website, social media)?
  • What is your unique logo and slogan, and is it easy to understand the brand?
  • Is the name/logo/color taken unique?
  • Have you picked up to 2-3 colors/fonts to integrate into your brand!
  • How consistent is your brand? How often are you promoting your brand to your audience? 
  • What are ways to promote your brand? Social Media? Website? Apps? Collaborations? 
  • Do you have a hashtag (or two) for your specific brand?
  • Is your brand easy to spell or remember?
  • Do your aesthetics align with your brand?
  • What is your brand’s long term strategy – will it be outdated?
  • How do you want people to feel with your brand – happy? inspired? nostalgic? motivated?


My coaching company, #theARCHway, is a service focused and helps people become better storytellers. I’ve built my brand on my name (ARCH) — my full name is Archith Seshadri — but I also go by ‘Arch.’ When I do improv exercises, or if I meet someone new, I actually visually shape out an ‘arch’ and tell them like the St. Louis Arch or McDonadls arch. My brand is also reflected in the way I speak and I often here people tell me “I am very positive!” and “I have a lot of energy!” It’s also showcased in the way I dress — usually suit/tie and/blazer (aka. professional or business casual).

My company, the ARCH way, organically formed with things I love to do.

  • #archTIPS – daily inspirational quotes
  • #archEATS – food blog and restaurant reviews
  • #archSTORIES – news reports or behind-the-scenes in journalism
  • #archTALKS – interviews and podcasts
  • #archTRAVELS – travel blog

I want my brand to leave people feeling inspired. I speak on branding, networking, interviewing, media pitching and goal setting. I love to share my journey on career switching (engineering to media/entertainment), working internationally, and discovering your purpose. I want to help people and companies find their untold stories, in their own authentic voice.

I wanted to ask YOU — what is the essence of building your brand?

B – bold (a strong choice)

R – relevant (a timely need)

A – authentic (a real voice)

N – new (a unique story)

D – different (a set apart from the crowd)

Brands tell a story – they should be clear (what is it for)?, content (who is the product/service for?), and creativity (logos, colors, fonts, slogans).

Share your BRAND strategies and tips below!